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It was hell getting a norn down to the pond to kiss some frogs, but somehow I managed. Triton and Leia are the names of these two. Aren't they cute? :D

I also made some norns that look like Frog Norns, but aren't really Frog Norns. Hence they can wander wherever they want. Which brings up a question I have. How would you go about importing and exporting a real Frog Norn, anyway? I mean, they can't stray from the pond without reverting back into frogs, so... how would that work? *shrugs*

And I made some Golden Desert norns whilst fiddling with pigment genes. The prettiest of which turned out to be Regina:

Regina, coincidentally, ended up being the most prolific of my Golden Desert norns. She had eight children throughout her lifespan: five sons and three daughters.

That's all for now. ^_^
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